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From Questions to Actions: Using Questionnaire Data for Continuous School Improvement.

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In order to understand the impact and importance of collecting questionnaire data effectively and comprehensively, it is important to understand the role of questionnaire data within school improvement, specifically its integration into a data profile for comprehensive data analysis.

A data profile is an effective organizer of the information necessary to make informed decisions about any part or all parts of a school. As part of compiling your data profile, it is crucial to survey clients of the school to understand what they think about current school processes and practices. From these analyses, combined with the content collected in other areas of the data profile (demographic, student learning, and process data) priorities for change are determined.

The Questionnaire Resources section of our website provides information for each step in the questionnaire process. Each page offers topical information and occasionally corresponding downloadable content. The steps in the questionnaire process are:
  • Content Development
  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Presenting/Graphing Results
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As you plan your Continuous Improvement efforts, let us help you administer and analyze questionnaires that will give you information regarding the perceptions of students, parents, and staff. We provide a wide range of questionnaire and data services. For more information on contract services, visit Questionnaire Services

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